A “Sonnet” on the First Amendment

This Valentine’s Day, a sentiment

To give appreciation where it is due

To the rights enshrined in the First Amendment

And those who engage in civil discourse, protest peacefully, or donate to the ACLU


The First Amendment means states cannot ban religious garb

Students cannot be instructed to salute the flag

You can’t be forced to put “Live Free or Die” on your car

(New Hampshire clearly missed the gag)


There are cases that still divide us, to date

Political videos of corporations cannot be silenced

The Westboro Baptist Church has a right to spread hate

And there is no First Amendment exception for speech depicting violence


Now, President Trump, you’re not my Valentine so much

You want to regulate the Internet and expand libel’s reach

But you did one thing right, nominating Gorsuch

Not Judge Hardiman, who would rule that in middle school “boobies” are not protected speech


Though skeptics remain, especially when it comes to punching racists

You, First Amendment, remind us that we are all free to debate this